Food Flavoring Manufacturer, New Jersey

Analysis and design of modified pressure relief discharge stacks for processing vessels and tanks.  Relocated flammable vapor discharges an adequate distance from rooftop electrical components and outside air intakes, and modified piping as needed to keep relief backpressure within allowable and ensure dissipation of discharge plumes.

Served as the prime’s mechanical engineering consultant, performing all relief line sizing calculations and generating the design drawings and specifications.

"Socialism, like the old policy from which it emanates, confounds Government and society. And so, every time we object to a thing being done by Government, it concludes that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of education by the State—then we are against education altogether. We object to a State religion—then we would have no religion at all. We object to an equality which is brought about by the State then we are against equality, etc., etc. They might as well accuse us of wishing men not to eat, because we object to the cultivation of corn by the State."
Frederic Bastiat

"Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it."
​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Thomas Sowell


Air Force Base, Foreign Nation

Corish Engineering served as the prime A/E’s military fuel facility planning and design consultant for all new fuel facilities at the base:

- Strategic (War Reserve) storage of all fuels.

- Jet fuel operating storage and contractor operations facility.

- Two hybrid Type IV / Type V hydrant fueling systems.

- AVGAS fueling facility.

- Ground fuels filling stations located throughout the base.

- A facility for bulk storage and distribution of LP gas.

As part of this work, we determined fuel storage capacities based on user-defined mission requirements and performed hydraulic calculations for preliminary sizing of transfer pipeline pumps.

Washington Dulles International Airport

This project upgraded the existing jet fuel facilities, increasing pre-filter and filter separator capacity, replacing buried piping with aboveground, and adding clay treatment.

We served as the general contractor's full-time, on-site quality control manager.  Duties included reviewing work plans, observing ongoing activities, leading QC meetings, participation in process hazard analysis, revising existing operating procedures, assisting the GC in providing operational training and certifying the project was completed in compliance with the contract.


  • Conceptual Planning of all fuel facilities and detailed design of a hydrant fueling system for a USAF base in the Middle East.
  • ​Detailed design of solutions to address all fuel facility deficiencies at Randolph AFB, Texas.

  • Development of design-build Request for Proposal (RFP) for new aviation fueling systems at a Virginia airport.