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Overseas Air Force Base

Comprehensive document for planning and programing the design and construction of US Air Force aircraft ramps, hangars, fueling facilities, munitions storage, a life support area and other support facilities.  New fuel facilities include a tanker truck offload, bulk storage complex, refueling tanker hydrant system, fighter ramp fuel system and several stations for fueling ground vehicles and equipment.  The jet fuel facilities are connected by 9.5 miles of new pipelines (primarily underground).  Corish Engineering served as the prime A/E’s military fuel facility planning and design consultant.  We participated in site visits and mini-charrette meetings with USACE, USAF, and host nation stakeholders.  Work included inspecting existing fuel facilities for possible re-use and assisting the prime with new facility layout/ergonomics and preliminary pipeline sizing.  Also worked with the host nation's jet fuel supply company on extending their existing line to the new bulk storage and accommodating potential hydraulic surge..


Overseas Air Force Base

Work included the following:

1. Detailed design to wxtend the existing rail offload gravity drop header and provide facilities for unloading commercial tanker trucks and bowsers into the header.

2. Detailed design to replace existing vertical filter separators with horizontal vessels meeting current criteria for suppling the refueler fill stands The existing product recovery tank and associated piping will be removed and a new 7600 liter (2000 gallon) double-walled PRT and piping will be provided. Non-compliant components at the fill stands are replaced and the control valves are downsized for improved surge control..

3.  Comprehensive analysis of all oil water separators in the fuel areas on the base. All fuel areas were surveyed for presence of oil/water separators. Each separator's function was determined and analyzed for possible modification or removal, to bring in compliance with current USAF policy and to simplify O&M.

Overseas Air Base

Development of detailed design to convert an existing out-of-service cut-and cover diesel tank to JP-8 bulk storage. In addition, the existing diesel truck fill stand will be converted to JP-8 refueler filling.   The scope of this project included the following:
- Blast and 100% recoat of tank interior.
- Replace the tank vertical turbine issue and sump pumps, manual gauging, ladder, vents and instrumentation.
- Remove existing tank piping and provide piping to tie into the existing JP-8 bulk storage system.

- Provide filter separator, loading arm, meter, valves and stainless steel piping to fill refueler trucks at the converted fill stand.

- Replace tank water draw-off and waste water tanks.
- Replace tank pump vault ventilation fans and duct.
- Provide cathodic protection for new buried piping.

Corish Engineering, serving as the prime A/E’s DoD fuel facility engineering consultant, provided all mechanical fueling system engineering for the project. We recognized the need to address surge potential of the increased pumping rate through the 12,000' pipeline used for transferring fuel from bulk to the hydrant fueling system (not in original scope).  We performed the surge analysis.  To limit surge potential, we modified the pilot systems of the hydrant tank high level control valves and removed the receipt filter separator water slug shutoff feature.