"Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism. Income inequality is a huge problem, absolutely. But the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd."

- Gary Kasparov


U.S. State Department Compound, Overseas

Design-build project to construct a new indoor firing range for maintaining the proficiency of embassy security personnel.  The range has fifteen shooting lanes, with multiple stations extending up to 100 yards from the target.  An air-conditioned space with control/observation room, offices and bathroom is located at the up-range end of the building.  Simulated sniper shooting positions are located on the floor above of the control room.  At the other end of the range, behind the targets, is a ventilated bullet trap.

Corish Engineering served as the client’s third-party professional engineer for analysis of ventilation problems discovered during system commissioning.  We inspected the as-built system and product submittal documentation for conformance to the engineering firm’s design, then witnessed and performed airflow testing at each shooting station.  We provided recommendations for corrective action.​


  • A set of projects to replace the HVAC systems for a 28,000 square foot nursing home in Northern Virginia.  Includes replacement of 70-ton water-cooled chiller, all fan coil units and associated piping and controls. A packaged makeup air system and humidifier is provided to ensure the residents are supplied with fresh and healthy air. Energy recovery ventilators are provided for administrative and support areas. Also provides chemical treatment and water softening to extend the life of the existing cooling tower makeup water, and refrigerant leak detection and ventilation system for the machinery room. Ship's ladder stairway provided for accessing rooftop equipment. Project also provides a split-system heat pump for year-round cooling of a room containing a computer server and ductwork/controls modifications to two other rooms.
  • Replacement of HVAC and plumbing systems for the Operations Building, including fuels testing lab, at Randolph AFB.
  • Development of design-build RFP's for renovation of HVAC and plumbing systems in the Operations Buildings, each including a fuels testing lab, at Dover AFB and Barksdale AFB.

MISCELLANEOUS mechanical systems

Virginia and West Virginia 

Deliverables ranging from a performance specification to detailed design drawings are provided for projects such as the following:

- Design of HVAC and plumbing for new 3200 sf restaurant.

- Construction of a small chemical storage room within a manufacturing plant, rated for a hazardous atmosphere (Methyl Ethyl Ketone).  This included provision of exhaust ventilation and make-up air system to protect operators from harmful vapors.

- Geo-exchange heat pump systems for residential space and domestic how water heating, employing forced air and radiant heat, as well as energy recovery ventilation.  One engagement became the first LEED Gold-certified residential project in Virginia.

- Study of sprinkler system hydraulics at a 400,000 sf manufacturing plant.  

​- Design for HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems for 8000 sf fire station, including apparatus bay, offices and bunkhouse.

​- Replacement of oil-fired boiler for a 6800 sf office/apartment building. The boiler was aging and oversized. We performed the heating load calculations to select the new boiler.  We also recommended addition of wall insulation in one room, reducing energy use and improving temperature control by balancing envelope U-factor amongst rooms.

- Design of HVAC system for 5400 sf sign-making shop and associated offices.